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Welcome to Financial Exams

We know that when it comes to preparing for the CFA exam, it usually comes down to a time factor. There is just not enough of it!

We have helped tens of thousands of candidates achieve their goals by using Interactive Study Systems’ exam preparation technology.

The FinancialExams Success System will determine and monitor strengths and weaknesses, provide unlimited practice and simulated testing, and best of all, guarantee you pass!


Testing Modes
There are 4 distinct and powerful modes within the FinancialExams Success System. Each mode will in it’s own way help you prepare you for the real exam.  You can fluctuate between these modes any way you wish.  As you can see there is the Adaptive Mode, Study Session Mode, Our well-respected Simulated Exam Mode, and the Flash Card Mode.  Working your way through these modes without a doubt will ensure your success on the real exam.

testmodesAdaptive Exam Mode
In the Adaptive Mode we will quickly establish a very accurate benchmark on your current skill set. Continue to use this mode to monitor how you are scoring in each category. It is designed to randomly test you on all of the objective categories.  Depending on how you answer the first round will determine how future questions are asked. Throughout your studies, the Adaptive Mode will always determine exactly how you are doing in each of the objective categories so you don’t waste time studying things you already know.


Historical Analysis
Within a few hours into the program, Historical Analysis will visually show you exactly how you are scoring in each category. You will always know where and how you should spend your study time. With the Historical Analysis, you will always be able to monitor youself throughout your study process. When you reach a passing level on a particular category, feel confident that you you have mastered the material in that area. The Historical Analysis offers visual proof that you are retaining the information you are studying.

HistoryStudy Session Mode
The Study Session Mode is where the real education occurs. This mode gives you the freedom to pick specific categories and drill yourself. You can isolate one category, or combine multiple categories any way that you wish. You are in complete control. In the Study Session Mode, you will interact with answers, explanation, formulas, and many other resources. You also have the flexibility to print from this mode so you can design your own practice tests!

StudyThorough Explanations
The FinancialExams Success System will offer very detailed and thorough explanations throughout. You will also see that each explanation will also reference you into the relevant study sessions.


In addition to our explanations, we also offer The Answers to the Learning Outcome Statements. Authored by David Stewart, this book has over 375 pages that will extensively highlight each Learning Outcome Statement. You can link directly into specific chapters, or do item specific key-word searches. Along with the explanations, the ebook offers more than enough information right at your fingertips.


Tough Questions
There are very tough questions on the real exam. 
Thankfully, they are just as tough on ours! We also include all the necessary formulas and graphs you need to make sure you are solving the problem correctly. This prevents you from wasting countless hours digging through books.

ToughEssay and Item Set Questions
On Levels 2 and 3, our program is so advanced it will even grade essay questions for you!
We do this by recognizing key terminology and phrases that are proven to get you a passing score. We also provide perfectly written examples for each one. In addition, we are currently developing a powerful program that will even mimic the new item-set questions!

EssayPrint Option
The entire program is completely printable.  Whether you want to design your own practice exams or be creative and make flash cards, the FinancialExams Success System offers many different print options. This truly gives you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever.

PrintNote Taking
Customize your own questions! You can even work with your own user notes and memory joggers within in each question. We’ll keep them organized for you, and you can even export them into new documents. It is a proven fact that the more senses you can get involved, the easier it is for you to retain the information.


Simulated Exam Mode
Been there, done that! Our Simulated Exams are designed to look and feel just like the real exam! We cover all exam objectives, and every exam is different. There is even a clock ticking in the corner of the monitor, putting pressure on you, just like the real exam. The simulated testing mode will build the confidence and endurance you need to master the real exam. Guaranteed!

SimulatedBecome a CFA® Charter Holder
We have done our research and collaborated with only the best authors and developers.
The FinancialExams Success System is the most reliable and effective tool in the market for making sure you receive those coveted 3 little letters. We know its extremely difficult and time consuming, but the results are well worth it. With the FinancialExams Success System, you will study with confidence and efficiency knowing you are always moving forward in a positive direction. When we identify you are at a passing level, feel confident you will succeed on the real exam. We guarantee it!


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