Jane Vessey, CFA,
Author Jane Vessey, CFA, manages 
a training company in the United Kingdom specializing in financial analysis and investment.  She has been a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School teaching classes in asset management and valuation and is a visiting lecturer at Cranfield Business School.  She is an associate at a leading London financial training company where she teaches courses covering investment management and related topics.  She has developed online training programs for students taking the CFA examinations and teaches CFA preparatory courses at a number of universities.

Jane graduated in Mathematics from Oxford University and is a CFA charterholder.  She has some eighteen years’ experience working in the investment industry; she started out as an equity analyst before becoming an investment manager.  She was based in London and Tokyo and took responsibility for managing equity portfolios invested in the Japanese and other Asian markets.  In 1990 Jane moved to Indonesia and established and ran an investment management operation on behalf of MeesPierson.  She took responsibility for all areas of the business, including investment, operations, marketing and administration.  Whilst in Asia, Jane was involved in providing training to capital market participants, state officials and teaching at courses provided by local universities

Vessey’s ExamWise For CFA Level I Concept Check Q&A Workbook With Preliminary Reading Assignments is designed to give you plenty of practice questions to test your readiness for the CFA exam.  It offers 360+ concept check questions based 18 exam study sessions that cover the Learning Outcome Statements and their associated CFA Assigned Readings.  For additional practice, there is an accompanying free download test engine that generates multiple mock exams similar in design and difficulty to the real CFA exam.  The questions and explanations have references to the page number in the related Reading and to the related LOS.

Use this workbook to test your understanding of the basic concepts covered in the CFA Readings and identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Then you can move on to more advanced study materials to sharpen your weakest knowledge areas.

This book is divided into Study Sessions (1 — 18) that cover the 76 Learning Outcome Statements and the associated Assigned Readings.  Appendix A (Exhibits 1 — 4), is a collection of exhibits and flow charts for condensed reference and review, including examples of accounting statements, puts and calls, PE breakdown, and financial ratios.

Samuel J. Gottlieb, CFP, CFA
Samuel J. Gottlieb, CFP, CFA, is a former New York trust/estate attorney and successful Merrill Lynch wealth management advisor, providing legal and financial planning services since 1988.

In 2009, Sam moved into a new career as an instructor for the CFA program at a leading financial training company.  He recently completed a tour of duty with Kaplan Financial Markets as an instructor of courses for the CFA, Financial Risk Manager, and securities licensing examinations in Hong Kong.  Currently Sam is an instructor for Year Up, a nationwide non-profit and youth development organization, where he teaches Financial Operations.  He also continues to teach as an adjunct instructor for several training companies.

Sam passed all three levels of the CFA exam on his first try by distilling only the essentials from the multi-volume CFA curriculum materials.  He makes it fast as easy for you to concentrate on what you need to pass the Level II exam in this streamlined course of study.

Gottlieb’s A-Plus Study Notes CFA Level I Certification teaches the entire CFA Level I curriculum, eliminating the impossible task of predicting what will be covered on the actual examination. Its purpose is to help you master the Learning Outcome Statements as quickly and as effectively as possible so you can pass the CFA Level I exam your first time. This one compact study guide and accompanying test engine will give you with all the information, practice exams, and test-taking tips that you need to reach a passing level and feel confident that you are ready for the real exam.

You can also feel confident that your are getting some of the best advice and coaching available, since our authors are not only CFA charter holders and successful investment professionals, but also teach CFA exam preparation courses in college, online, and in seminars. You get the benefit of their combined international experience.

This book is divided into Study Sessions (1 – 18) and Appendix A (Exhibits 1 – 3). Appendix A is a collection of Exhibits and flow charts for condensed reference and review, including examples of accounting statements, puts and calls, PE breakdown, and financial ratios.

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