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Img5Over 17,000 Certified Candidates have used the FinancialExams Certification Success System!

The Self-Help and Interactive Exam Study Aid™ software is also a Real Time Saver™ for the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA ®) certification exam!

A must for anyone who is taking a CFA Level Exam.

You’re already learning the facts and the theory.  Now, learn how to take and PASS the exam.

  • Speed from question to question in the Adaptive one hour exam with just one click of your mouse to setup a base line knowledge history.
  • Use the Study Mode for concentrated studies in a single topic — or stop to explore detailed explanations associated with each LOS — or link into the provided study guide manual for additional information — or open the referenced CFA Institute reading and Learning Outcome Statement.
  • Combine it with CFA readings, classes, seminars, study notes, and/or study guides for help in understanding and retaining the most important facts and concepts required by the CFA Institute.
  • Learn from CFA level Instructors, Authors and Professionals to identify what you need to know and focus on the points where you have the most difficulty.

It’s quick! It’s easy! It works!

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*Please see our 2013 White Paper for exclusive predictions of what will be emphasized on this year’s CFA® Exams.

The CFA Program reading assignments should comprise the core of your CFA study. Our Financial Exams Certification Success System is not to be used as a substitute for study of the CFA prescribed curriculum. FinancialExams courses, software, manuals and materials are developed to complement the core curriculum and to facilitate the learning process.

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Img6Financial Exams is powered by our award winning Success System software that has helped thousands achieve certification. Financial Exams is the perfect tool to complement your current study program. A must for classroom, seminar, CBT or self study!

StopwatchOur exam prep software is easy to use and will save you valuable time! Each practice test is written by certified professionals so you can be sure you are getting expert instruction.

You get 4 tools in 1!

  1. In the Adaptive Study Mode, you will be tested on all objective categories to determine strength and weaknesses.
  2. In the original Study Sessions Mode, review specific topics in detail or even design your own practice tests!
  3. In the exclusive Flash Card Mode you can review questions with instant feed back.
  4. In our famous Simulated Exam Mode, our exams will mimic the real thing. This will build up the confidence and endurance you need to pass the real exam. Once you have consistently passed our exams, you are ready to pass the real thing.

Dr. Campbell R. Harvey’s Hypertextual Financial Glossary:
Review the World’s largest financial glossary on the Internet with over 8,000 entries and 18,000 hyperlinks. This FREE CFA Candidate resource in an valuable tool when you come across a term that requires additional explanation.

The Financial Exams Forum on FaceBook is available for you to freely communicate and collaborate with other CFA candidates. Give your thoughts to and obtain concerns from individual around the world.

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